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A clue from the clouds, or, Nick Carter's mysterious evidence
The black flag of piracy, or, Nick Carter's daring venture
The child of the jungle, or, Nick Carter's ingenious ruse
The vampire's prey, or, Nick Carter's blow at policy
The taxicab mystery, or, Nick Carter closes a deal
Trim in Cape Town, or, The man with a strange limp
Trim's troublesome tiger, or, How his prisoner escaped the gallows
Trim's round up in Detroit, or, A long chase ended in a hurry
Trim in the wilds, or, Hunting a criminal on the dark continent
Nick Carter's detective school, or, The young reporter's first case
In Nick Carter's hands, or, A fool and his money soon parted
Trim behind the footlights, or, The hold-up at the casino
Nick Carter does his best, or, A fortune in the ballance