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A golden treasure, or, The mystery of an old trunk
Bound to make his mark, or, Running a moving picture show
Full of business, or, The young traveler for the firm
A million in rubies, or, The richest find in the world
Among the "sharks", or, The lights and shadows of Wall Street
Striking a good thing, or, College chums in business
A born broker, or, The success of a Wall Street boy
Bill's bond syndicate, or, A fortune from a two cent stamp
Matt, the money-maker, or, A strange lad in Wall Street
After a missing million, or, The treasure of the wreck
His own business, or, From errand boy to boss
Broker Brown's boy, or, A tough lad from Missouri
Check 765, or, The strangest tip in Wall Street
Matt, the mechanic, or, The boy who made his pile
Seeking a lost treasure, or, The nerve of a young explorer
Fighting for fame, or, The luck of a young contractor
Buried gold, or, The treasure of the old buccaneers
Little Dan Tucker, or, Making big money in Wall Street
250,000 in gold, or, Hunting a hindoo treasure
Down and out, or, A hard boy to beat