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A lucky deal, or, The cutest boy in Wall Street
A diamond in the rough, or, A brave boy's start in life
A rolling stone, or, The smartest boy on record
A rise in life, or, The career of a factory boy
A pot of money, or, The legacy of a lucky boy
From rags to riches, or, A lucky Wall Street messenger
A Wall Street winner, or, Making a mint of money
The road to wealth, or, The boy who found it out
Playing the market, or, A keen boy in Wall Street
On his merits, or, The smartest boy alive
A chase for a fortune, or, The boy who hustled
Making money, or, A Wall Street messenger's luck
The boy magnate, or, Making baseball pay
Bound to make money, or, From the West to Wall Street
A million in gold, or, The treasure of Santa Cruz
Trapping the brokers, or, A game Wall Street boy
On the curb, or, Beating the Wall Street brokers
A castaway's fortune, or, The hunt for a pirate's gold
The road to success, or, The career of a fortunate boy
Making his mark, or, The boy who became president