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Three times stolen, or, Nick Carter's strange clue
A masterly trick, or, Chick and the beautiful Italian
Four scraps of paper, or, Nick Carter's Coney Island search
A night with Nick Carter, or, The kid-gloved case
In the nick of time, or, Carter finishes the Feltman syndicate
The dictator's treasure, or, Nick Carter nips the Hondurian plotters
The drab thread, or, Nick Carter solves the mystery of room 313
The midnight marauders, or, Nick Carter's telephone mystery
The seven-headed monster, or, Nick Carter's midnight caller
The trail of the vampire, or, The mysterious crimes of Prospect Park
Nick Carter's great success, or, The hunting down of insurance frauds
Nick Carter and the Nebraska outlaws, or, Playing a desperate game
The secret order of associated crooks, or, The confederated criminal trust