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Give him a chance, or, How Tom Curtis won his way
The broken bottle, or, A jolly good fellow
Gerald O'Grady's grit, or, The branded Irish lad
A New York boy in the Soudan, or, The Mahdi's slave
A New York working boy, or, A fight for a fortune
The boy sultan, or, Searching for a lost diamond mine
Through smoke and flame, or, The rival firemen of Irvington
Tom Barry of Barrington, or, The hero of no. 4
Chums, or, The leaders of Glendale Academy
Lost among the slave hunters, or, An American boy's adventure in Africa
A fireman at sixteen, or, Through flame and smoke
Bob the waif, a story of life in New York
Columbia, or, The young firemen of Glendale
Paddling on the Amazon, or, Three boy canoeists in South America
Nameless Nat, or, A millionaire in rags
The phantom fireman, or, The mystery of Mark Howland's life
The boy maroons, or, Cast away for two years
Around the world on a bicycle, a story of adventures in many lands