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Smart Sim, the lad with a level head, or, Two boys who were 'bounced'
Detective German Joe, or, The Flying Dutchman out west
Tom Tatters, detective, or, The sharpest boy in Chicago
John Marston, detective, or, The crafty agent's crime
miser's lost ward, or, Dick Dowles's deal
Tom Swift's cruise, or, The wreck of the Albion
girl rifle-shot
Doctor Bag, detective, or, Trailer Tom's tact
Jack's snare, or, The Kent boys' plot
boy brave, or, Stone Castle's shrewd schemer
Rattlepate, the nabob
wily witch's ward
Old Pegs, the mountaineer, or, The rival trappers
Honest Harry, or, The country boy adrift in the city
boy vigilantes, or, King Cole and his band
White Tigers, or, Silver Rifle, the girl tracker of Lake Superior
border gunmaker, or, The hunted maiden
Walt Ferguson's cruise