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Frank Merriwell, Junior's, skill, or, The wizards of wonder
Dick Merriwell's sixth sense, or, The Yale pitcher's double play
Dick Merriwell's battle for the blue, or, The Yale nine at West Point
Dick Merriwell's foreign foe, or, The discovery of the baseball bomb
Dick Merriwell's enthusiasm, or, The sophomore pitcher's last ball
Dick Merriwell and the Carlisle warriors, or, The mystery of the kidnapped pitcher
Dick Merriwell's young pitcher, or, The fellow who disappeared
Dick Merriwell comes back, or, How Harvard lost the title
Dick Merriwell's device, or, The Yale pitcher's new curve
Dick Merriwell's Princeton opponents, or, The winning third strike
Dick Merriwell looks ahead, or, How baseball saved the bank
Dick Merriwell's evidence, or, Yale's left-handed victory
Dick Merriwell's solution, or, The Yale twirler's winning jump
Dick Merriwell's strange clew, or, How Harvard was outguessed
Dick Merriwell's mysterious disappearance, or, The game in the balance
Dick Merriwell caught napping, or, The rube that could pitch
Dick Merriwell's perception, or, The brains of the varsity
Dick Merriwell's commencement, or, The last week at Yale