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Little Dead Shot, the pride of the trappers
Boy pards, or, Making a home on the border
Lightning Lew, the boy scout, or, Perils of the West
Yellowstone Kelly, a story of adventures in the great West
Little Lariat, the boy wild horse hunter, or, The dashing riders of the Staked Plains
Lost in the blizzard, or, The snow-bound school boys
Kit Carson, the king of the scouts
The white boy chief, or, The terror of the North Platte
The boyhood days of "Pawnee Bill", or, From the schoolroom to the frontier
The houseboat boys, or, Stirring adventures in the Northwest
The Iron Spirit, or, The mystery of the Plains
Nick and Jed, the king trappers of the border
Railroad Rob, or, The train wreckers of the West
Silver Sam of Santa Fe, or, The lions' treasure cave
Claim 33, or, The boys of the mountain