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Red River Bill, the prince of scouts
Buffalo Bill, Jr., and his band of dead shots
The marked moccasin, or, Pandy Ellis' pard
Long-paw, the mysterious hunter
Denver Dan, Jr., and the renegade
The game cock of Deadwood
Little Buffalo Bill, or, The boy scout of the Rio del Norte
The men in green
Nick and Jed, the king trappers of the border
The gold hunters of Mexico, or, The prairie phantom
The blasted pine, or, Three boy scouts
Denver Dan, and his mystic band
Denver Dan and the road agents
Denver Dan and the counterfeiters
Denver Dan the sheriff
Denver Dan to the rescue, or, The mountaineer's stratagem
Prairie Phil, or, The panther of the platte
Black and blue, or, Nick Wharton on the war-path
Lasso Luke, or, The three prairie pards