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The stolen bonds, or, How Wall Street Will made his mark
A harvest of gold, or, The buried treasure of Coral Island
His last nickel, or, What it did for Jack Rand
A lucky contract, or, The boy who made a raft of money
Trading Tom, or, The boy who bought everything
A mad broker's scheme, or, The corner that couldn't be worked
A boy of business, or, Hustling for the dollars
Never say die, or, The young surveyor of Happy Valley
A wizard for luck, or, Getting ahead in the world
Jack's fortune, or, The strangest legacy in the world
The brotherhood of gold, or, A daring Wall Street game
In business for himself, or, The lad who made the money
Baffling the brokers, or, The boy with the iron nerve
The chance of his life, or, The young pilot of Crystal Lake
Driven to the wall, or, The nerve of a Wall Street boy
Johnny, the parcel boy, or, The lad who saved the firm
Going the limit, or, A big risk for big money
Up to him, or, Running his father's business
Back-Number Bixby, or, The boy who was up to the minute
A young Barnum, or, Striking it rich in the show business