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The stolen bonds, or, How Wall Street Will made his mark
The young money magnate, or, The Wall Street boy who broke the market
A young Monte Cristo, or, The richest boy in the world
Lucky in Wall Street, or, The boy who trimmed the brokers
Andy the mill boy, or, Rising to the top
A madcap scheme, or, The boy treasure hunters of Cocos Island
Making his mark, or, The boy who became President
A harvest of gold, or, The buried treasure of Coral Island
His last nickel, or, What it did for Jack Rand
Jack's fortune, or, The strangest legacy in the world
The chance of his life, or, The young pilot of Crystal Lake
Johnny, the parcel boy, or, The lad who saved the firm
A young Barnum, or, Striking it rich in the show business
A favorite of fate, or, After the head hunter's treasure
A pirate's treasure, or, The secret of the three wrecks
Johnny Jones & Co., or, The firm that kept the brokers guessing
Adrift in the city, or, The fate of a waif / by a Self-made man
The lure of gold, or, The treasure of Coffin Rock
Missing for a year, or, Making a fortune in diamonds
Samson, the boy blacksmith, or, From the anvil to fortune