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The vengeance of the branded brows
The knight of the gulch
Adrift in the city, or, The fate of a waif / by a Self-made man
Up to him, or, Running his father's business
Seven bags of gold, or, How a plucky boy got rich
A big contract, or, The poor boy who won
Missing for a year, or, Making a fortune in diamonds
Dollars from dust, or, The boy who worked a silver mine
A young lumber king, or, The boy who worked his way up
Only a factory boy, or, Winning a name for himself
A waif's legacy, or, How it made a poor boy rich
In a class by himself, or, The plucky boy who got to the top
A chase for a fortune, or, The boy who hustled
A start in life, or, A bright boy's ambition
Red Privateer, or, The first to float the stars and stripes
Heir to a million, or, The boy who was born lucky
Tatters, or, A boy from the slums
Bob the waif, a story of life in New York
Driven apart, or, The trip of the Daisy
The boy explorers, or, Abandoned in the land of ice