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Frank Merriwell's young warriors, or, The fellow who could not play clean
Dick Merriwell in Panama, or, Pitted against the unknown
Dick Merriwell comes back, or, How Harvard lost the title
Dick Merriwell's snare, or, Trapping the card tricksters
Dick Merriwell's astuteness, or, The mystery of the examination papers
Dick Merriwell's fortitude, or, The overthrowing of a government
Dick Merriwell, revolutionist, or, Backing a rebellion
Dick Merriwell in the copper country, or, The search for a lost mine
Dick Merriwell's undoing, or, The intervention of a greater power
Dick Merriwell at the Olympics, or, The winning jump for America
Dick Merriwell in Stockholm, or, How the Olympic hurdle race was won
Dick Merriwell in the Swedish stadium, or, How headwork won an Olympic race
Dick Merriwell's responsibility, or, The winning pull in the tug of war
Frank Merriwell's young aviator, or, The triumph of genius
Dick Merriwell's coolness, or, At the Nevada gold fields
Frank Merriwell's interference, or, Not worthy of trust
Dick Merriwell's reliance, or, The man who had served time
Dick Merriwell's warning, or, Subduing a bully
Dick Merriwell's device, or, The Yale pitcher's new curve
Dick Merriwell's Princeton opponents, or, The winning third strike