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Dick Merriwell in the copper country, or, The search for a lost mine
Dick Merriwell's responsibility, or, The winning pull in the tug of war
Frank Merriwell's young aviator, or, The triumph of genius
Frank Merriwell's interference, or, Not worthy of trust
Frank Merriwell's forgiveness, or, The boy who had another chance
Frank Merriwell's boy, or, A chip of the old block
Frank Merriwell's tenacity, or, The mystery of the famous scientist
Frank Merriwell, victor, or, The redemption of "Babe" Silver
Frank Merriwell's loyalty, or, The land of the lost people
Dick Merriwell caught napping, or, The rube that could pitch
Frank Merriwell's comprehension, or, The making of Vincent Schuyler
Frank Merriwell's tact, or, The taming of Garth Tennant
Frank Merriwell's unknown, or, The mysterious James Brown
Dick Merriwell, peacemaker, or, The split in the Varsity
Frank Merriwell's guile, or, The queen of the matadors
Frank Merriwell's young acrobat, or, The boy from the sawdust ring
Dick Merriwell's self-sacrifice, or, The man who could jump
Frank Merriwell's daring deed, or, The race for a hundred lives
Frank Merriwell in the national forest, or, Outwitting the timber thieves
Frank Merriwell's young Canadian, or, The victory of defeat