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Tumbling Tim, or, Traveling with a circus
Mulcahey twins
The b'ar-killer, or, The long trail
The black rider, or, Life and love on the border
The border rivals, or, The mill-flume mystery
The island pirate
Dingle, the outlaw, or, The secret slayer
Wetzel, the scout, or, The captives of the wilderness
The hunted life, or, The outcasts of the border
Rob Ruskin, the prairie rover, or, The forest maid
The Mad Ranger, or, The hunters of the Wabash
Tom Hawk, the trailer, or, The forest tragedy
The Black Princess, or, The border refugees
The wrong man : a tale of the early settlements
Wenona, the giant chief, or, The forest flower
The Falcon Rover
The black spy, or, The Yellowstone trail