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Frank Merriwell's black terror, or, The mad horse of Montes Altos
Frank Merriwell again on the slab, or, Merry in his old-time uniform
Dick Merriwell's colors, or, All for the blue
Dick Merriwell, driver, or, The race for the Daremore Cup
Dick Merriwell's predicament, or, Frank Merriwell facing his foes
Dick Merriwell in Mystery Valley, or, Buried alive in Bulldog Tunnel
Frank Merriwell's proposition, or, Captain Baldwin's secret work
Dick Merriwell's belief, or, Chester Arlington meshed
Dick Merriwell's trip West, or, Brother backing brother
Dick Merriwell doubted, or, Put to the test
Dick Merriwell's inspiration, or, The boys of Loon Lodge
Dick Merriwell watched, or, The secret of the shadow