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Buffalo Bill's battle cry, or, Pawnee Bill and the Indian stampede
Buffalo Bill's crow scouts, or, Pawnee Bill and the Absarokes
Buffalo Bill's opium case, or, Pawnee Bill and the sheriff's frame-up
Buffalo Bill on the upper Missouri, or, Pawnee Bill's pick-up
Buffalo Bill and Chief Hawkchee, or, Pawnee Bill teaches a lesson
Buffalo Bill's boldest stroke, or, Pawnee Bill's riata dance
Buffalo Bill's new pard, or, Happy Hank from Ha-Ha Valley
Buffalo Bill at Rainbow's End, or, Pawnee Bill and the pot of gold
Buffalo Bill's "sight unseen," or, The blind man's "blind"
Buffalo Bill and Perdita Reyes, or, Pawnee Bill's bowie practice
Buffalo Bill's diamond hitch, or, Getting a line on the trouble-hunters
Buffalo Bill's enigma, or, Pawnee Bill and the house of mystery
Buffalo Bill and the Ke-week totem, or, Pawnee Bill's blacksnake magic