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Dick Merriwell's shooting, or, The gun club in the woods
Dick Merriwell's ginger, or, A check for the crimson
Frank Merriwell's rope, or, The pest of the trail
Dick Merriwell's restraint, or, "The prince of the foils"
Dick Merriwell's reputation, or, Like a snake in the grass
Frank Merriwell's red visitors, or, Sport on the ranch
Dick Merriwell's mind, or, The ideal of manhood
Dick Merriwell's motto, or, Fair play and no favors
Frank Merriwell's protection, or, The man who went wrong
Frank Merriwell's lesson, or, The young rebels of the ranch
Frank Merriwell's phenom, or, The untrained wonder
Frank Merriwell's record breakers, or, The fastest lads in their class
Frank Merriwell's young clippers, or, Taking a fall out of a fast team