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Frank Merriwell in the land of wonders, or, The game of the geysers
Frank Merriwell in the Rockies, or, On the trail of Bart Hodge
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s, detective work, or, In peril of his life
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s, yacht victory, or, The battle against treachery
Frank Merriwell and the phantom fear, or, The mystery of the Yellowstone
Frank Merriwell, Junior, and the talking head, or, Mysterious Mr. Lee
Frank Merriwell, Junior's, "Ice Queen", or, A fight for square sport
Frank Merriwell, Jr., and the Jolly Dogs, or, The rivals of Fardale
Frank Merriwell, Junior, and the prince, or, The crooked trail of Bully Carson
Never say die, or, The young surveyor of Happy Valley
call of death, or, Nick Carter's clever assistant
suicide, or, Nick Carter and the lost head
Half a million ransom, or, Nick Carter and the needy nine
girl kidnapper, or, Nick Carter's up-to-date clew
pirate yacht, or, Nick Carter's trail of diamonds
crime of the white hand, or, How Nick Carter worked it out
Found in the jungle, or, Nick Carter's Siamese puzzle
Six men in a loop, or, Nick Carter's twisted mystery
jewels of Wat Chang, or, Nick Carter and the Avenger
The crime in the tower, or, Nick Carter's finger-print clew