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Buffalo Bill at Cimaroon bar, or, Pawnee Bill's clean-up
Buffalo Bill's Sioux tackle, or, Pawnee Bill's canoe trail
Buffalo Bill and the Pawnee prophet, or, Pawnee Bill among friends and foes
Buffalo Bill on Lost River, or, Pawnee Bill's battle in the dark
Buffalo Bill and the talking statue, or, Pawnee Bill's gold trail
Buffalo Bill and Old Wanderoo, or, Pawnee Bill and the Pawnees
Buffalo Bill's merry war, or, Pawnee Bill's Pawnee pard
Buffalo Bill on the trail of death, or, Pawnee Bill's discovery
Buffalo Bill at Lone Tree Gap, or, Pawnee Bill in the bear pit
The maniac engineer, or, A life's mystery
Trading Tom, or, The boy who bought everything
Jack Jasper's venture, or, A canal route to fortune
After big money, or, Turning the tables on the Wall Street brokers
Ralph Roy's riches, or, A smart boy's run of Wall Street luck
The old broker's heir, or, The boy who won in Wall Street
From farm to fortune, or, The boy who made money in land
Claim no. 7, or, A fortune from a gold mine
Adrift in the sea, or, The treasure of Lone Reef