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The league of twelve
Seven bags of gold, or, How a plucky boy got rich
The missing box of bullion, or, The boy who solved a Wall Street mystery
The phantom fireman, or, The mystery of Mark Howland's life
The dark sons of Ireland, or, Plotting under the Shannon water
Phil, the boy fireman, or, Through flames to victory
100 feet above the housetops, or, The mystery of the old church steeple
Lost in the great basin, or, The wonderful underground city
Shiner, the New-York bootblack, or, The secret of a boy's life
The merry ten, or, The shadows of a social club
Buffalo Bill and the Pawnee prophet, or, Pawnee Bill among friends and foes
Buffalo Bill's pueblo foes, or, Pawnee Bill at the Indian fiesta
Buffalo Bill's witchcraft, or, Pawnee Bill and the snake Aztecs
Number 6, or, The young firemen of Carbondale
yellow label, or, Nick Carter and the society looters
Driven from cover, or, Nick Carter's double ruse
blue veil, or, Nick Carter's torn trail
human counterfeit, or, Nick Carter and the crooks double
Blood will tell, or, Nick Carter's play in politics
Gordon elopement, or, Nick Carter's three of a kind