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Dick Merriwell strapped, or, The adventure of the escaped convicts
Dick Merriwell's prodding, or, The fellow who lacked push
Dick Merriwell in the copper country, or, The search for a lost mine
Dick Merriwell's coolness, or, At the Nevada gold fields
Dick Merriwell's intuition, or, The worst fellow in college
Frank Merriwell's guile, or, The queen of the matadors
Frank Merriwell's daring deed, or, The race for a hundred lives
Dick Merriwell on the Rocking R, or, The finish of the feud
Frank Merriwell's bold play, or, The checkmating of Felipe Lopez
Frank Merriwell's insight, or, The brand blotter of the X Bar S
Frank Merriwell's wit, or, Thwarting a governor
Dick Merriwell's penetration, or, The man from Nowhere
Frank Merriwell's intervention, or, The horse thief of the Lazy X
Moccasin Mat, or, The prairie mustanger
Dick Merriwell's cayuse, or, The star of the big range
Frank Merriwell's six-in-hand, or, The trail to Pickpocket