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boy coral-fishers, or, The sea cavern scourge
Black Horse Bill, the bandit wrecker, or, Two brave boys to the rescue
boy prospector, or, The secret of the Sierra ravine
Kentucky Ben, the long rifle of the Cascades, or, The boy trappers of Oregon
Lud Lionheels, the young tiger fighter, or, The man monster of the isle
Oregon Josh, the wizard rifle, or, The young trapper champion
Silver Horn, and his rifle, Firedeath, or, The boy heroes of the war-path
Old Tar Knuckle and his boy chums, or, The monsters of the Esquimaux border
Big Horn Ike, the hill tramp, or, The odd pards
black schooner, or, Jib Junk, the old tar
boy captain, or, The pirate's daughter