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Jesse James' pitiless pursuers, or, The black avengers of a wrong
Taming the dragon, or, A case of Yankee nerve
Gray Hawk the half-breed, or, The strange captive
Buffalo Bill's Sioux tackle, or, Pawnee Bill's canoe trail
Buffalo Bill and the Pawnee prophet, or, Pawnee Bill among friends and foes
Buffalo Bill and the Apache totem, or, The mystery of Narbona
Frank Merriwell's red visitors, or, Sport on the ranch
Frank Merriwell's pupil, or, The boy with the wizard wing
Frank Merriwell's record breakers, or, The fastest lads in their class
Frank Merriwell's young clippers, or, Taking a fall out of a fast team
Frank Merriwell's "favorite," or, The boy who "made good"
Frank Merriwell's steadying hand, or, The test of manhood