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Dick Merriwell's charm, or, The heart of gold
Dick Merriwell's polo play, or, The winning streak
Dick Merriwell's anxious hour, or, The bracing of Jack Dalton
Dick Merriwell's foreign foe, or, The discovery of the baseball bomb
Dick Merriwell's fortitude, or, The overthrowing of a government
Dick Merriwell, revolutionist, or, Backing a rebellion
Dick Merriwell's undoing, or, The intervention of a greater power
Dick Merriwell looks ahead, or, How baseball saved the bank
Dick Merriwell's betrayal, or, The conspiracy that failed
Dick Merriwell's mysterious disappearance, or, The game in the balance
Frank Merriwell's tenacity, or, The mystery of the famous scientist
Dick Merriwell's commencement, or, The last week at Yale