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Oonomoo, the huron
Detective German Joe, or, The Flying Dutchman out west
Dutch Hans' pranks, or, Sylvester Stanton's scare
Detective Dick's pard, or, The New York reporters in Colorado
Bonny, the Dutch dame, or, The alderman's little protegee
Old Gotlieb, the jolly landlord, or, The daring Dutch damsel
Crafty Crazy Slack, or, The French fugitive
marked miner, or, Jolly Jan, the Dutch trader
Dutchman's dread, or, Gottlieb and his hunter pard
Rattlepate, the nabob
Hans Schmidt, Junior, or, The disguised yankee
Kidnapped Dick, or, The fate of the Firefly
Dakota Dutchman, or, Sharp-Eye's brave band
Colonel Crockett, the bear king
boy wizard, or, The silver-land seekers